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Perspectives of Change

“Changing the world with small, consistent actions” with Sam Demma

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Sometimes we forget that our perspective as change agents is one of many. This show is dedicated to exploring how to nudge change forward by understanding and valuing multiple perspectives.

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Sarika Kharbanda

Sarika Kharbanda

I am an accomplished Lean & Agile Practitioner, Coach and Trainer, Program & Project Manager with 17+ years of visible and exemplary performance. I’ve worked with enterprises and diverse cultures in Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong and the United States of America. I’m known to be very approachable, reliable, committed and pro-active, challenging myself and striving to exceed expectations. My Key Strengths built over core values of Integrity, Intelligence and Energy, supplemented with my passion towards achieving excellence, has helped me to cultivate a huge portfolio of achievements.